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Affordable Power Washing, Soft Washing & Gutter Cleaning Services
Power Wash Your Deck, House, Roof & More!

 Serving Monmouth & Ocean County, New Jersey

Based in Farmingdale, NJ and proudly serving Central NJ & beyond since 2015. Our level of precision in power washing and cleaning homes is unparalleled. We specialize in killing and removing algae, mildew, and other harmful contaminants.

Our exterior cleaning services include house washing, roof washing, pool and backyard patio pressure cleaning. All surfaces such as concrete decks, docks, fences, stone, brick, & even gutters are our specialty. All at very fair rates!

Professional Power Washing:


USA Power Washing is your home and exterior structures and materials best friend. Why? Because we are here to protect your hard earned dollars and your most valuable investment.

Having a beautiful looking home and property is one thing but maintaining the integrity of your structures and property is truly the best benefit. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Power Washing on a regular basis will save you money and a lot of financial headaches.

Power Washing Services in Monmouth County and Central NJ

Improve Your Home’s Appearance and Increase It’s Lifespan

Often overlooked, the exterior of home builds up algae, grit, & gunk over time. Obviously, this will hurt the appearance of a house, but beyond that the contaminants present problems that most are not aware of, leading to costly repairs and unnecessary replacement of materials and other issues. In other words, there are a multitude of advantages to power & pressure washing your home.

New Jersey’s unpredictable climate provides a variety of weather conditions, from hot summers to freezing winters, and these elements, when freezing and thawing and freezing again, can take a toll on your home’s exterior. When you add to these conditions, dirt, grime and other particles, they cause severe damage and can begin to affect the siding, separating and cracking materials that otherwise would have been fine.

Another issue is that the humidity and precipitation in New Jersey’s summers can lead to rapid mold and algae growth on any exterior materials. These pesky contaminants not only look ugly but also often lead to structural damage and material integrity over time as it eats away at the components that make up your home’s exterior.

Save Money & Extend The Life of Your Homes Exteriors!

Power washing combats this, preserving your property’s structural integrity, while minimizing the headaches of costly repairs and replacement materials.

USA Power Washing Plus will safely & quickly get rid of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae that, over time, builds up on your siding, deck, patio, and driveway. It is important to do this professionally; due to the pressure being used, it can cause damage if one is not careful. Our years of experience delivers a cleaning service that you can be confident will safely perform the cleaning you need, without causing any harm to existing materials, while leaving your home looking as good as new.

Furthermore, pressure washing makes sure that your outdoor living spaces are safe and enjoyable. A pristine and well-maintained deck simply looks good and will make any gathering more enjoyable. In addition, if you maintain it, you won’t have to replace it every 5-10 years. A well-maintained deck, if built with quality materials, can last 25 years or more. Poor maintenance is simply equal to throwing your money away. Properly maintained backyards, decks and patios are not only essential for your family’s comfort, they also are important to everyone’s safety, especially during the summer months when outdoor gatherings are frequent and guests are visiting. Moss, grime, and algae are not only ugly, but when wet, can get slippery. Avoid accidents, while keeping your home looking its very best. Contact Us Today for a FREE QUOTE!

Effective Gutter Cleaning:

Safeguarding Your Home’s Foundation

Many do not realize that proper rainwater management is critical to keeping basements and foundations of homes dry. Why? Because gutters keep the water flowing AWAY from the home. When it rains, you do not want the water sitting on the ground next to your foundation. Proper flow moves the water to the spouts which should lead to the water exiting away from the home where it harmlessly goes into the ground.

Due to this, gutter cleaning is a vital home maintenance in New Jersey where we get plenty of rainfall. Basement and foundation repair is extremely expensive and can usually be avoided with proper water management. Quality gutter systems play a significant role in protecting your home if they are well maintained. Clogged gutters often result in water overflow, which places the water right at your home’s foundation. Not good!

USA Power Washing Plus provides an affordable solution so you can rest easy. Our professional and affordable gutter cleaning services not only removes the leaves, grit, grime and other debris in your gutter but also ensures that water is effectively directed away from your home’s foundation, preventing problems like leaky basements. Downspouts & other aspects of your gutters will be inspected with every cleaning.

Another issue with clogged gutters is ice dams. In severe winters, clogged gutters can push water into your home and lead to severe structural damage. Ice is nobody’s friend when it comes to exteriors and materials. Simply having clean flowing gutters solves so many of these problems and will protect your pocket book as well. Regular maintenance of your gutters is an investment in the longevity and safety of your property. Contact Us Today for a FREE Quote!

Roof Cleaning:

Protect Your Home’s Look and Longevity

Your roof is the only thing between the hot sun, the cold rain, the wind and your living room! Take care of it! Replacing a roof is not cheap and if purchased with quality materials it will last a long time. That is why removing material-destroying foreign objects and contaminants is so important.

Roof cleaning is very important for New Jersey homeowners because of the harsh weather systems, Noreasters and the state’s diverse climate in general. Roofs are exposed to a multitude of weather conditions, from heavy snow in winter to humid summers and blistering heat. Mold and algae love wet, hot, damp conditions which can accelerate their growth. We don’t want mold to be happy, we want your roof to be happy.

A clean roof is a happy roof and will not only improve its appearance but will extend its lifespan, preventing potential structural and material damage.

USA Power Washing Plus’s roof cleaning services will efficiently and safely remove these growths, preserving your roof’s structural integrity and improving your property’s overall appearance.

Believe it or not, regular roof cleaning in New Jersey also reduces energy costs. A clean roof reflects sunlight more effectively, resulting in lower cooling expenses during the hot summer months. Additionally, a clean roof will reduce the risk of leaks and moisture damage, saving you from costly repairs. Contact Us Today for a FREE Quote!


WOW! I forgot how good my home used to look! My Real Estate agent advised me to have my home power washed prior to selling it and I followed her advice. So glad I did! It was the best looking home on the block and it sold fast and I got my asking price as well. I know that the power washing the exterior helped tremendously. Many thanks to Tom & his crew. I highly recommend!

– Brian G. – Toms River, NJ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was extremely happy with my experience of this wonderful company. The owner Tom impressed me when he showed up early for all our appointments. He was very thorough explaining to me all the services that he would perform prior to having me sign any paperwork. Tom made sure that all the work was done to my satisfaction, he even did some little extras without nichel and I diming me. I was very surprised when Tom called me a week after the job was done and paid for, to make sure that I was satisfied with his work and to give me some tips on how to keep my property from the experiencing unnecessary damage.

– Mark Weir – Marlboro, NJ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐